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This company from Amsterdam offers tailored support. Flexibility is the key word, while remote support can be done at your office (golf) as well. From various directions, we know that there is a need for broad and flexible support, so we do not focus on one particular industry. In order to gain more knowledge and experience we are open to work for the golf courses. You can enable us for structural support, but also on project or interimbasis.

By switching on, you can save on various costs that a permanent employee entails: long-term cooperation is not necessary, we are also responsible for your one-off assignments. In these economic times, it may be beneficial for you to enable temporary professional power. We do not focus on certain defined activities, we would like to talk to you or how we can do your business: tailor made services.

The fact that your assignments are performed professionally and discreetly is for our own sake.

You can also enable us for: Golf (business) days Contest organization Golf merchandise